Luxury Cruising

Oceans of Excellence

At one time, cruising offered a very limited array of choices. Today, ocean vessels range from small and intimate crafts to enormous ships that tower above the waves. Onboard services and accommodation options are as broad as the oceans themselves. From modest simplicity to opulent extravagance, we know how to find the right fit for you.

Exquisite Rivers

While river cruise ships are physically similar in size (to navigate the locks and bridges), the experiences they offer differ dramatically. Our consultants consider everything, including culinary desires, cultural or educational aspirations, activity levels, and of course, the style and environment of the ship itself.

Culinary Delights

As “Purveyors of Fine Travel” it is no surprise that we excel in designing journeys that feature the best food and dining experiences available. If you dream of sampling a vintage Bordeaux in the land of its origin, or savoring the exotic flavors of Indian gastronomy, our consultants can help. We know that having the right meal, in the right setting, can easily become the most memorable part of your perfect trip.

  • "Hello Cheryl, We loved...loved... Our cruise last week! Thank you for the gift! We also were enamored with this cruise line (Holland America)...our first! Terry and Paul and our friends enjoyed it as well. It will be a game changer for me!"

    Susan and Rod M.
  • "Thank you for booking the cruise, and for all of your great recommendations. The kids can't stop talking about the cruise and when our next one will be. I told them not to get used to this class of service, though I have to say I really enjoyed the Concierge service!"

    Michal and Family
  • "We wanted to thank you for planning this wonderful trip. While we definitely enjoyed the Viking cruise, the special parts of the trip were those that you arranged for us. The hotels, especially the Boscolo, were wonderful. Your driving arrangements took a lot of anxiety out of our travels and allowed us to enjoy the beautiful countryside. We really liked the small, personalized tours, especially of the Prague castle complex. We were able to proceed at our own pace, lingering at spots that held our attention while still seeing everything that our guide felt to be of interest. Truly enjoyed the trip and hope to work with you on future excursions abroad."

    Linda and Tom